Financial Mentor Training

Training 2019

Training for 2019 is currently being finalised. It will include a variety of training opportunities, plus a special webinar series. Information will shortly be posted on facebook and updated on this website.

Training 2018

The list below are training events that were held in 2018. "De-escalation", "Te Tiriti o Waitangi", and "Strengths-Based Training" are available to view by members online.

  • Deescation Training for Challenging Situations - Ross Gilmour (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dates TBC)
  • Strength-Based Training ... the next step - Alana Billingham (Christchurch)

  • De-escalation - Ronji Tanielu (Auckland)
  • Ti Tiriti o Waitangi - Aidan Harrison(Auckland)

  • Strengths-Based Update - Julie Williams (Auckland)
  • MoneyMates - Alyson de Marco and Sharon Soper (Auckland)

Previous Training in 2017:
- Insolvency for Beginners (Webinar)
- Insolvency for Financial Mentors (Webinar)\
- Motivational Interviewing with Alana Billngham (Wellington)
- Strengths-Based Training 201 with Alana Billingham (Auckland)
- New Financial Mentor Course

Phone Sarah on 021 208 1121 or click here to register.
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Keep Fit for Budget Advisors - Kerri's inspires!

Over 70 Budget Advisors attended CBNZ's 'Keep Fit for Budget Advisors and Community Workers' in Auckland and Wellington! Led by Exult's brilliant presenter, Kerri Tilby Price, we learned ways to identify and get over our biggest frustrations in our jobs, rediscovered why we do our job and getting re-energised, learned simple tools for communicating better with our team members, found out ways to manage stress better, learned tips to try to avoid the 'that's a great idea but ... ' barrier when putting forward a new idea and brainstormed ways to link better with the church community.

In Wellington, on 19 February, it was great to see so many people who flew in from other parts of the country including Auckland, Raglan and Christchurch.

CBNZ Members can see Kerri's presentation on the Members Only part of this website. Non members can purchase the DVD for $35. Contact Sarah on 03 342 7569 or

"Inspirational and Motivational"

"Inspirational and motivational" and "Great reminder of the opportunity we have as budget advisors to help people make change," were just a few of the comments about Alana Billingham's "Motivational Interviewing" special training days in Spring 2013.

The events were run in Auckland and Wellington attracting budget advisors (CBNZ members and non members) from around the country. It was a great opportunity to grab new ideas and network with other budget advisors.

We also ran a "Nuts and Bolts" training day in Auckland, with guest speakers from Housing NZ, Gaze Burt, Work and Income, BNZ and the IRD. Special guests for the day also included the Rev. Mark Beale and former Olympian, Barry Magee.

New Advisor Training - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and now in Rotorua!

CBNZ aims to make training accessible nationally to as many churches and organisations as possible by providing both 1) Initial training courses for Budget Advisors and 2) Ongoing training by way of Regional Training Days.

During 2013 we plan to run Regional Training Days across the country as they were so successful last year, attracting nearly 120 budget advisors and a client too, which was awesome. Venues: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Please contact us if you'd like to host a training day in your area.

Would you like to start up a budget service to help people escape the debt trap? Agape and Kingdom Resources have pooled their resources and compiled a training manual to help train new budget advisors and their training has been used successfully around the country.

For more information on this please contact one of the following:

Contact Sarah on 03 342 7569 for details of new budget advisor courses or email her on to email her.

Or contact our trainers at Agape Budgeting Service or Kingdom Resources directly:
Agape Budgeting Service
Phone (04) 477-3000 Fax (04) 477-3000

Contact: Brian McGettigan

Kingdom Resources Ltd (A Charitable Company)
Phone (03) 332-1700 Fax (03) 332-1600

Contact: Unicia

Remember that if you can join with another church or organisation for training purposes, we all benefit from each others knowledge and experience as well as sharing costs.