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CBNZ welcomes members and non-members to our special training events. If you (or your organisaton) are a current CBNZ member, you can see most of our training videos online by logging in to the Members Page.

CBNZ Special Training Day

Wednesday 31 October, 2018, 9.00 am - 4.15 pm
The Surrey Hotel, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Come and be inspired, upskilled and challenged at Christian Budgeting New Zealand's (CBNZ's) special training day on Wednesday 31 October, at The Surrey Hotel, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

We're privileged to have special guest speaker Ronji Tanielu, a lawyer and policy analyst to the Salvation Army, and a new Board member to FINCAP (NBFCCT). Ronji will be challenging us as to how Financial Mentors disrupt negative status quos, in order to help clients move forward, and asking the question, among others, is your work as a Christian financial mentor just about money?

Led by Aidan Harrison, a teacher and professional development facilitator, we'll be looking at the Treaty of Waitangi, including its history from a secular and Christian perspective, our role and actions, and the future.

There will also be practical workshops:
  • Exploring does strengths-based theory fit with the 'duty of care' we have with clients? Plus smarter goal setting.
  • MoneyMates in Action (learning from successful MoneyMates practitioners) OR
  • Case Studies, focussing on Work and Income calculations.

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Changes to Benefits 2018
Do you know the changes to Benefits in 2018. Click here for more details.

Interested in becoming a financial mentor / budget advisor?

CBNZ is still running Financial Mentor/ Budget Advisor Training. The NBFCCT (the new entity) has approved CBNZ's new financial mentor programme as an interim training package, while it develops a new strengths-based training programme.

Both CBNZ trainers were also approved MSD trainer for providing the initial strengths-based training, and elements of this training are incorporated into the programme, such as use of the Financial Action Plan and what a client-led strengths-based approach means for a financial mentor.

The training package used by CBNZ, was developed by Kingdom Resources and Agape Budgeting Services, and is delivered by trainers from either of this budgeting services.

If you are eager to be trained, please or call her on 021 208 1121 (Monday - Friday).

Helping you and your clients to avoid online scams

Online scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with many people falling prey to them.

Click here to for great advice from Consumer Affairs to pass on to family, friends and clients.

New National BFC Entity Launched 1 July 2017

The new Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust is now up and running.

We look forward to seeing how it develops, and how it will help to support Budget Services across the country. Its new CEO, Tim Barnett, sees it as providing training and support to all budget services, not just those funded by the MSD, which is good to hear.

John (Exton) - CBNZ's vice chair - continues to represent South Island Budget Services on the new Board of Trustees.

While we watch to see how the new entity will help us, CBNZ will be continuing to offering training to both new financial mentors / budget advisors and existing ones.

Click here to view the first E-newsletter of the NBFCCT (won't it be good when it has an easier name!)


CBNZ is very pleased to continue to be involved in the MSD's "Redesign of Budget Services". Many members have attended workshops being held around the country. John Exton (Vice Chair of CBNZ) is a member of the new entity's Steering Group.

Updates are available online. The latest update is:

May 2017 BFC Sector Update
January 2017 BFC Sector Update

Earlier updates are also available - click here to view list.

The Salvation Army's 2016 State of the Nation Report
Check out The Salvation Army's latest State of the Nation Report launched on 8 February 2017. Click here to view online"

It highlights child poverty and housing as being key areas that NZ currently falls severely short on.


Great to see so many advisors at CBNZ's special training day in Auckland on 3 August.

Guest speakers from Work & Income NZ, Insolvency & Trustee Service, plus Agape Budgeting Service's Trainer, Peter Gallagher, helped upskill advisors.

Aimed specifically at experienced budget advisors, it was a great opportunity to ask specific questions and dig deeper into some of the more complicated areas, so budget advisors can better help their clients.


"What's really important to your client," that was the key question posed by Ross Gilmour, psychologist and expert communicator at CBNZ's special training days held in April. The training sessions, run in Auckland and Wellington, and soon to be available to CBNZ members only on this website, were attended by over 49 budget advisors and 4 other community service workers.

Attendees learned many techniques, including how to find out what's really important to a client and using that information to help in negotiations. "It was a really good course, and a great opportunity to really focus on how we influence people, especially clients," said one attendee.

Look out for future training opportunities later this year.


Budget Advisors from around the country enjoyed CBNZ's special 2 day training event in August 2015. Inspirational, informative and encouraging talks were given by a host of speakers including: Major Sue Hay (The Salvation Army); Mick Duncan (Pastor and lecturer Carey Baptist College); Ruby Duncan (Baptist Community Ministries); Ross Gilmour (Gilmour Consulting); Simon Greene (Gaze Burt); Andrew L'Almont (Baptist Savings) and Lezanne Gibbs (Commerce Commission).

Save Money Off Vehicle 'Regos' in 2015
Make sure that your clients (and you!) save money when renewing your vehicle license this year as 'regos' will go down by an average of 41% from 1 July 2015, depending on your type of vehicle. If your rego is due to expire before then, it's worth considering buying a shorter 3 or 6 month option according to the NZTA.
Click here for more details

The Salvation Army's 2016 State of the Nation Report
Check out The Salvation Army's latet State of the Nation Report "A Mountain All Can Climb" which waslaunched in February 2015. Click here to view online"

Do you know what compound interest is? Are you paying it?

Click here to watch video that explains it on www.rbnz.org.nz.

CBNZ Budget Services Reach over 400 Youth Budgeting Programme Students!

CBNZ is delighted to report that its member budget services have delivered CBNZ's Youth Budgeting Programme to over 400 students across the country. The Budget Services are: Christian Assist Trust and East Auckland Home & Budget (in Auckland), The Job Centre (Kawerau), WERA (Rotorua, Tokoroa and Whakatane), Agape Budgeting Service (Wellington), The Bread of Life Trust (Blenheim), Kingdom Resources Ltd (Christchurch) and Jubilee Budgeting Service in Invercargill.

Feedback from tutors is that the information that seems to have hit home is that if a teenager puts $2k on a credit card at the age of 18 and just pay back the minimum payment each month, they won't pay the debt back until they're in the late 50s!

The course is interactive and practical.

For more information about our Youth Budgeting Programme, please call Sarah on 03 342 7569.

Positive Thinking - Key to Helping Clients!

"We can transform the lives of ourselves and our clients through the power of positive thinking," explained Ross Gilmour, expert psychologist and communicator, at a series of training days across the country.

Over 115 budget advisors in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington heard Ross speak, including a client and a few family members too! The message was clear and encouraging, with many budget advisors eager to hear Ross again!

We thank NZ Lotteries and COGS Auckland City for their support towards these important training events.

Does your client have Diabetes? Factsheet designed to help. Click Here
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