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CBNZ welcomes members and non-members to our special training events. If you (or your organisaton) are a current CBNZ member, you can see most of our training videos online by logging in to the Members Page.

Demystifying Cultural Responsiveness, with Aidan Harrison

Join us for a Special Practical Workshop in Auckland (31 May 2019) or Christchurch (28 June 2019) followed by short webinar series.

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Aidan presented to us in October 2018 on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, through a covenantal lense. We asked him back to give us practical ways for Financial Mentors, and their budgeting services, to implement the Treaty, and to better honour and respect Maori Clients. Numbers are very limited, due to the practical nature of the training, so sign up quickly!

Behavioural Change and De-escalating Challenging Behaviour

Ross Gilmour, highly sought after speaker, psychologist and negotiator, will answer both these questions, and so much more in his one day practical workshop, on Saturday 30 March, 2019 (9.00 am - 3.00 pm). (Porirua Gospel Chapel, 88 Hereford Street Cannons Creek, Porirua).

Topics covered will include:
  • Common anger triggers
  • The impact of non-verbal communication
  • Using your body language to influence others
  • Mental techniques for coping with situations that need de-escalation
  • Verbal skills requiring de-escalation
  • Coping with the emotional and physical response triggered by criticism from angry clients
  • The impact of stress on clients and ourselves
  • De-escalating conflict between clients
  • Solution thinking versus problem thinking
  • Coaching clients to use solution messages stated as fact
Ross Gilmour is highly sought after around the world. His sessions are fun and inspiring, with lots of practical tips. Ross? presentation will echo CBNZ values.

Attendees of Ross' training in Auckland said:

"Great training. Thoroughly enjoyed and understood"
"Great pace. No time to get bored"
"Wonderful humorous everyday examples"
"I enjoyed this training very much and learned a great deal"

Please register early as spaces are limited.

Special Training Event Podcasts Now Available

If you missed out on October's Special Training Day, or you would like see them again, Ronji Tanielu's message on "Disruption - A Christian Perspective", and Aidan Harrison's presentation on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, are now available online.

Ronji is a lawyer and policy analyst to The Salvation Army, and Board member to FinCap, challenged us as to how we, as financial mentors, can disrupt the status quo, in order to help a client move forward. (Ronji, pictured left.)

Aidan Harrison, a teacher and professional development facilitator, gave an overview and history of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, from a secular and Christian perspective, our role and actions for the future.

To view, visit the Member's Resources and logon. We encourage you to view the material with friends and colleagues, perhaps as a staff meeting series, to generate discussion.

Minimum Wage Increase from 1 April 2019

The minimum wage will increase from 1 April 2019, by $1.20 to $17.70 per hour. This is the biggest leap forward yet to the coalition government's proposed increased to $20 by 2021.

Clients can check what they can get - MSD Eligibility Tool

Did you know that clients can check what their entitlements might be?

MSD has an online guide that takes about 5 minutes. It will ask a few questions and will estimate their entitlements. The more accurate the information entered, the more accurate the results. The website assures that no information entered is kept.

MSD Benefit Fact Sheets December 2018

MSD Benefit Fact Sheets December 2019
There's no surprise that they show a sharp increase in the number of hardship applications. The new Family Packages was supposed to help? Would love to hear your stories as to how successful you think it's been. Email

The Salvation Army's State of the Nation Report (2018)

Check out The Salvation Army's latest State of the Nation Report "Kei a Tatou - It is Us"

Changes to Benefits 2018

Do you know the changes to Benefits in 2018? Click here for more details.

New Financial Mentor (Budget Advisor) Training

CBNZ continued to run its new financial mentor programme as an interim training package, which had been approved by FinCap, while a new strengths-based training programme was being developed.

It's exciting to report that from March 2019, the new training programme will be piloted in a number of areas across the country. Julie, CBNZ and Kingdom Resources trainer, was part of the FinCap working party concentrating on this important area. She is also one of a team of trainers who are piloting the programme.

If you are eager to be trained, please or call her on 021 208 1121 (Monday - Friday).

Helping you and your clients to avoid online scams

Online scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with many people falling prey to them.

Click here to for great advice from Consumer Affairs to pass on to family, friends and clients.


Great to see so many advisors at CBNZ's special training day in Auckland on 3 August.

Guest speakers from Work & Income NZ, Insolvency & Trustee Service, plus Agape Budgeting Service's Trainer, Peter Gallagher, helped upskill advisors.

Aimed specifically at experienced budget advisors, it was a great opportunity to ask specific questions and dig deeper into some of the more complicated areas, so budget advisors can better help their clients.


"What's really important to your client," that was the key question posed by Ross Gilmour, psychologist and expert communicator at CBNZ's special training days held in April. The training sessions, run in Auckland and Wellington, and soon to be available to CBNZ members only on this website, were attended by over 49 budget advisors and 4 other community service workers.

Attendees learned many techniques, including how to find out what's really important to a client and using that information to help in negotiations. "It was a really good course, and a great opportunity to really focus on how we influence people, especially clients," said one attendee.

Look out for future training opportunities later this year.


Budget Advisors from around the country enjoyed CBNZ's special 2 day training event in August 2015. Inspirational, informative and encouraging talks were given by a host of speakers including: Major Sue Hay (The Salvation Army); Mick Duncan (Pastor and lecturer Carey Baptist College); Ruby Duncan (Baptist Community Ministries); Ross Gilmour (Gilmour Consulting); Simon Greene (Gaze Burt); Andrew L'Almont (Baptist Savings) and Lezanne Gibbs (Commerce Commission).

Save Money Off Vehicle 'Regos' in 2015
Make sure that your clients (and you!) save money when renewing your vehicle license this year as 'regos' will go down by an average of 41% from 1 July 2015, depending on your type of vehicle. If your rego is due to expire before then, it's worth considering buying a shorter 3 or 6 month option according to the NZTA.
Click here for more details
Do you know what compound interest is? Are you paying it?

Click here to watch video that explains it on www.rbnz.org.nz.

CBNZ Budget Services Reach over 400 Youth Budgeting Programme Students!

CBNZ is delighted to report that its member budget services have delivered CBNZ's Youth Budgeting Programme to over 400 students across the country. The Budget Services are: Christian Assist Trust and East Auckland Home & Budget (in Auckland), The Job Centre (Kawerau), WERA (Rotorua, Tokoroa and Whakatane), Agape Budgeting Service (Wellington), The Bread of Life Trust (Blenheim), Kingdom Resources Ltd (Christchurch) and Jubilee Budgeting Service in Invercargill.

Feedback from tutors is that the information that seems to have hit home is that if a teenager puts $2k on a credit card at the age of 18 and just pay back the minimum payment each month, they won't pay the debt back until they're in the late 50s!

The course is interactive and practical.

For more information about our Youth Budgeting Programme, please call Sarah on 03 342 7569.

Positive Thinking - Key to Helping Clients!

"We can transform the lives of ourselves and our clients through the power of positive thinking," explained Ross Gilmour, expert psychologist and communicator, at a series of training days across the country.

Over 115 budget advisors in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington heard Ross speak, including a client and a few family members too! The message was clear and encouraging, with many budget advisors eager to hear Ross again!

We thank NZ Lotteries and COGS Auckland City for their support towards these important training events.

Does your client have Diabetes? Factsheet designed to help. Click Here
(Currently only available to CBNZ Members only)