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Family Package Update December 2017

Working and Income Benefit Rates 2019 / 2020
Working for Families Tax Credits 2019 / 2020 Tenancy Act Changes July 2016
Changes to Consumer Credit Law Overview
National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust (NBFCCT)
Money Week Information
Otago University Food Survey 2017

Report a Scam

Scams need to be reported to For those relating to banking, they advise to contact the bank directly.

Click here to view document that lists the main banks' contact details. (Let Sarah know if you want to add any more!)

Useful Documents

Download your own Spending Plan template here. The file may take some time to download as it is a large file. Your patience is appreciated.
CBNZ Spending Plan Worksheet
IRD Redundancy Handout Sheet
ReStart Factsheet

Work and Income New Zealand have produced a great little cookbook. Click here for more details.

Other Resources

Here are some books to get you thinking.....

"Affluenza" - The All-Consuming Epidemic - by John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H Naylor.

"The Shrewd Christian" - by Neil Atkinson.

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