CBNZ membership is open to Christian organisations and individuals.

The incorporation of CBNZ was finalised in May 2007.

Following our AGM in November 2010, the CBNZ Rules have been amended.
Click here to view the Rules of CBNZ.

Are you or your organisation interested in becoming a member. Please
for an application form, we'd love to hear from you.

There are four types of membership: Corporate (Budget Services who have attained CYF approval); Transitional Corporate (Budget Services who would like or intend to apply for CYF approval); Associate (for those not intending to get CYF approval) and Individual.

Voting rights are given to Corporate, Transitional and Individual Members.

Membership Type

Annual Fee

Large Corporate (65 or more new cases per year),
Transitional Large Corporate or Associate

$200 inc GST

Corporate (Less than 65 new cases per year),
Transitional Corporate or Associate

$110 inc GST


$50 inc GST