Conference 2008: Revolutionary Change


Venue: Bridge Valley Christian Ranch, near Nelson.

Revolutionary Change hits Nelson

Revolutionary Change hit Nelson by storm at CBNZ's fourth annual conference. Delegates heard from inspirational speakers including Jon Parkes, Minister at St David's Presbyterian Church, Richmond, and Alana Billingham, a skilled trainer, negotiator and Director of Media Associates.

A former farmer and businessman, just returning from 2 years' mission work in Vanuatu, Jon was well qualified to challenge our materialist Kiwi way of living.

"The lust for affluence is psychotic," he said. "Where does justice, mercy and compassion come into New Zealand? We buy things we don't need - we go to a gym to walk on a treadmill, when we could just walk to work."

He stressed that life's journey should be about relationships and helping others, not about acquiring things.

How to make change stick, evaluating personality types and improving your negotiation skills were all inspiring sessions from animated speaker Alana. Her tips, useful not only to her audience but also to pass on to budget clients, included the need to visualise what the future could be and to set small, realistic markers to help achieve goals.

Other challenging workshops included how to link clients to the Christian community, and how to start a financial revolution in the church.

Susan Gill, assistant minister at Holy Trinity Church, Richmond, attending the financial revolution seminar said that she was particularly challenged by the words, "Just imagine what it would be like in churches across our nation if Christians had no debt (apart from maybe a mortgage)".

Delegates said they especially appreciated 'upskilling' from a Christian perspective, and meeting new 'friends in ministry'.

One attendee commented, "It's so awesome being with like minded people. It stirs you up and is challenging".