About Us

Who is CBNZ? Aaron Ironside from Rhema talks to CBNZ Team Member Simon Tierney, Manager of Jubilee Budget Advisory Service. Click here to listen.
CBNZ Inc is an interdenominational organisation working to support and bring together, the many Christian 'not for profit' services and individuals working in the budgeting and financial services fields. These services help people struggling with money issues whatever their faith.

By networking and co-operating together, we believe that we can increase our positive impact in the lives of the thousands of people we work with each year and also society in general. Together, we have the ability to share resources, training and other knowledge acquired, with the added benefit that we don't individually have to 'reinvent the wheel'.

We also believe that the Church, as a whole in New Zealand, is doing much more work in the budgeting area than anyone realises. Nobody will know just how much, until we start communicating together.

CBNZ is a registered 'not for profit' incorporated society.

Our Mission Statement:
Equipping Christians to provide budgeting services to build stronger communities

Our Values:
CBNZ exists to empower its members to care for people; body, mind and spirit, through the following values:

1. Faith in the living God
All we do is underpinned by our faith in God the Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

2. Humility
We are committed to following the role model of our Lord Jesus Christ, by listening carefully to him, to one another and to our communities.

3. Respect for the autonomy and contribution of all persons
Our motivation comes from God's love for all people; all are created in his image, all have something worthwhile to contribute and all are free to make their own decisions.

4. Best practice
Excellence of service is acknowledged as essential in all our work. Supporting the enhancement of work with budgeting clients is the reason for our existence. This support will occur through our networking and information sharing.

5. The Treaty of Waitangi
We affirm the Treaty of Waitangi as playing an important part in the formation of Aotearoa New Zealand and its relevance to our country today.

6. Responsiveness
We will be flexible enough to respond to people's emerging needs.